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Who are we?

AMECTech is the technological little sister of Maimoni Engineering & Consulting (AMEC), Israel’s leading provider of BIM consultation services with expertise in underground and aboveground large scale construction projects.


AMECTech was started in 2020 by AMEC CEO Amit Maimoni and CTO Yaniv Stoliar in order to focus on developing a hi tech workflow for the construction industry. With more than a decade of experience in the construction industry, Maimoni and Stoliar became increasingly frustrated with the lack of efficiency in the industry.  Despite a sharp rise in the use of BIM in the field of construction, this has not yet translated into making the most of what our modern technological society has to offer. AMECTech is currently developing a series of apps and services that will take advantage of the large amount of data produced by working with BIM and streamline the construction process to save time, money, and reduce waste. 

At AMECTech we have developed an app that makes BIM easy: whether it be calculating quantities, comparing versions of a model, or planning site logistics. BIMSearch is the key to true collaboration and successful implementation of a BIM-based workflow. Read more here, and give it a try!  

Meet the team

Amit Maimoni, CEO

Founder and CEO of Amit Maimoni Engineering and Consulting (AMEC), Israel’s leading BIM experts since 2013. Co-founder of AMECTech. Lecturer at professional conferences and member of the technical committee for BIM standards. Learn more about him here.



BSc Civil Engineering, Technion Institute of Technology.

Yaniv Stoliar, CTO

CTO and head of infrastructure at AMEC. Co-founder of AMECTech. Exposed at university to BIM as a research tool, but as an engineer for a large contractor discovered a passion for developing technology in the industry. Learn more about him here.



BSc Civil Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Guy Hareuveni, Director of Software Engineering

Director of software engineering at AMEC and co-founder of AMECTech. Previously worked as a software engineer at Intel and as a professional poker player in Las Vegas.



BSc software engineering and MSc information systems, Technion Institute of Technology

Omri Tsafarty, Product Manager

Graphic artist and product manager  of AMECTech, and BIM manager of infrastructure at AMEC. Previously worked as a quantity surveyor and construction engineer.




BSc Civil Engineering from SCE University

Ilana Bergsagel, Business Development Manager

Business development at AMECTech. Specializes in consolidating ideas, writing content, and making sure that everyone’s English is up to scratch (we like to call it “cultural mediation”).



BA philosophy, Cambridge University; MA English literature, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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