Accessibility Statement for Maimoni Engineering & Consulting

Maimoni Engineering & Consulting LTD makes every effort to meet the needs of all of our clients and provide an equal, respectful, and accessible service. In accordance with the Israeli Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities law, established in 1998, and the resulting regulations, we make every effort and the necessary resources in order to meet the necessary requirements that will make our services accessible to all of our clients, in an independent and equal manner. 


Maimoni Engineering & Consulting LTD is always aiming to improve. If you have difficulty accessing our services or have suggestions as to how we can improve our accessibility, we would be glad to hear from you; please contact us. 

Accessibility arrangements in the company offices

The accessibility arrangements for our offices at Totzeret HaAretz 1, Tel Aviv, (tel +972-3-6432808) are as follows:

  • There are 12 disabled parking spaces on parking level -3 in the office carpark
  • From the carpark and street level there is a wheelchair accessible route to the offices. 
  • There are disabled toilets on every floor of the building. Disabled toilets for men are on the odd-numbered floors and for women on the even ones. 
  • Signs and directions for the toilets are appear throughout the building.

Accessible customer service

    • Support animals are permitted in the office building and company offices
    • Guide dogs are permitted
    • Queue exemptions are available as necessary
    • The office manager is available for support with filling in forms
    • The accessibility coordinator is available to provide information in relevant formats upon request
  • Accessibility training for employees – all employees receive training about accessibility in order to raise awareness of methods with which to make their service accessible. 
  • Accessible telephone service – the answering service is designed to be accessible by providing recorded information clearly with no background music.
  • Contact – there are a number of ways to contact us:
    • Telephone: +972-3-6432808
    • Email:
    • Address: Totzeret HaAretz 1, Tel Aviv, 6789101

Website Accessibility

An accessible website is one that enables everyone to use it to the same standard of efficiency and effectiveness. In Israel, there are about 1.6 million people with disabilities, 750,000 of whom are aged between 20-64, employment age. 

Maimoni Engineering & Consulting LTD believes and acts to ensure equality of opportunity online as well as in person, and supports those who use technological assistance for their computer use. 

Information about website accessibility


  • This website conforms with the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities requirements (2013).
  • The accessibility accommodations were implemented in accordance with the recommendations from the Israeli standard 5568 for online accessibility to standard AA and the international WCAG2.0 guidelines.
  • The accommodations were tested to the highest standard for the Google Chrome browser
  • The website provides a semantic framework for making all functionality accessible from a keyboard.
  • Modified for use with the most common browsers and for mobile devices
  • For the best results with a screen-reader, we recommend using the most recent NVDA software.
  • Documents or videos that were uploaded to the website before 2017 may not be fully accessible. If media of this sort is found, please bring it to the attention of the accessibility coordinator and we will make sure that it is made accessible. 
  • Maimoni Engineering & Consulting makes every effort to make information available in accessible formats. For inquiries and information about accessibility please contact the accessibility coordinator using the contact details below.
  • Accessibility checks and consultations were conducted by A2Z accessibility and internet marketing.

Contact details for accessibility coordinator

Last updated: 15th September 2022.