BIMSearch update!

New version! Release 1 June 2022

We are proud to announce that on 1 June 2022 the newest version of BIMSearch will be released!

BIMSearch is free, so you can calculate quantities and organize logistics quickly and easily no matter your budget.

The new BIMSearch interface

New features

  • A streamlined interface
    BIMSearch v.4 is intuitive and even easier to use.
  • Support for additional model types, including IFC, DWG, Autocad, Infraworks, and more
    This means BIMSearch can be used by many companies and contractors for many different types of projects
  • Updated report settings
    You can choose what data is featured in the report, in which order, and how to organize it. 
  • Recent and favorite files.
    Select your favorite files so they are easy to find, and have your recent files at hand

Autodesk integration

Remember, BIMSearch is integrated with Autodesk App Store, so it’s even easier to get started.

More information

For more information, head to our help center or get in touch with Ilana at