New features! BIMSearch Premium

BIMSearch Premium - Release 1 September 2022

BIMSearch Premium takes the BIMSearch you know and love to the next level.

Want to know what’s going on? Take a closer look:

Save search templates

Remember how you have to set the parameters of your custom search every time you want to run it? NO MORE. 


BIMSearch Premium’s “save search templates” feature enables you to save your searches for future use. 

Once you have your template saved, you will be able to find it in the “load search template” section. 


You will always have access to our default templates, saved in the… you guessed it…Default folder.


Check out our YouTube channel for a video how-to!

Save selection set

This one is a doozy! Use this feature to save the results of your search – all the elements you searched for, or a selection of them (hence the name!). Simply create a report for a search, select the desired elements (either individual ones or select all), and click the “save selection set” button.

Choose the name of the set, add a description, add it to an existing folder or a new one. You can also assign a color to the set, which makes it easier to compare them (yes you read that right, you can compare the selection sets on the model!

Once you have your selection set(s) saved, head to….

The selection set window

BIMSearch Premium has a brand new interface! Click on the folder drop-down menu and choose a selection set to view. Opening a set will open it in the viewer, with the elements highlighted in the color assigned to that set:

Compare selection sets

Once you have saved at least one selection set, you can open a few at a time and compare them.


All the sets you choose will then be presented in the viewer, in the colors assigned to them.


Selection details widget

This is one of our favourite features: when comparing selection sets the instant widget in the top left hand corner of the viewer will summarize the selection. Click “selection details” to see the full breakdown of the selection sets in the comparison.

The selection details widget is great for comparing invoices with what has been built, or comparing different versions of an invoice or bill and making sure nothing has been missed out or reported twice.


This feature also makes it possible to track construction progress, as you can use this feature to compare different versions of the model really easily.

Think of the possibilities! We used BIMSearch Premium to make writing a Bill of Quantities RIDICULOUSLY easy. We simply made and saved templates for each of the items, saved the selection sets with the relevant names, and there you have it! 

Here is the walls section of the BOQ: Item number, description, volume, cost…it’s all there!

Now time for the last new feature (last but not least…)

Customized Excel file name

You asked, we delivered!

After listening to your feedback, we snuck in this extra little treat to BIMSearch Premium.

When search results are saved using BIMSearch Premium and the report is downloaded to Excel, the title of the report will be the title of your saved selection set folder and then the selection set name. This makes it even easier to organize files.  


Simply open the saved selection set, select the desired elements to download for the report (if you don’t select any, all of them will be downloaded) and press “report for selection”. 

Note the file name! Concrete – CON walls GL. The name of the folder and the selection set. Never scramble around for the right report again!

So...What do you think?

From 1 September you will be able to try for yourself and enjoy a 30-day free trial.


Do you want to know more? Do you have any questions? Suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Drop us an email at or send Ilana a message on LinkedIn.