A Simple BIM application suitable for All:
architects, engineers, project managers and real estate developers can now modernize and improve their daily workflows

Image of BIMSearch web application open on a black and silver laptop, demonstrating how the app can be used to search and select elements on a BIM model

Ready to be more efficient? we'll get you there.

Work efficiency 91%
- 2 %
Reduction in material ordering time
+ 2 %
Improvement in project understanding among stakeholders
- 2 %
Less time to take off tasks

Any task in a click!

Ready to go!

Web based application.

no downloads or installation needed!

Self operated

Take control of your workflow, make your job easier
No need to outsource, get the job done as and when you need

Tamari small
Laptop showing BIMSearch web app on the screen, demonstrating how the app can enable searching and selecting elements from a BIM model

Visual and intuitive

Get full understanding by Interact with the model Quickly present or review color coded information on 3D model.