About us

What is BIMSearch?

BIMSearch is a web application that acts as a viewer for any model saved on the Autodesk BIM 360® platform or the Autodesk Construction Cloud®, enabling you to search the elements and tabulate the data. 

For example, this GIF demonstrates (in real time!) how easy it is to access all the data about concrete walls on the ground floor of this model:

What does BIMSearch do?

BIMSearch is a cheap and easy way to improve a site engineer’s workflow, for every stage of the project.


Use BIMSearch to….

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Why BIMSearch?

Easy to use

Web app: no downloads or installation

BIMSearch is integrated with Autodesk BIM360 and ACC so you can just log in and get started


Take control of your workflow, make your job easier

No need to outsource, get the job done as and when you need

Visual and intuitive

Anyone can use - no need to know how to build BIM models

All the data is highlighted on the model, no more endless spreadsheets

Learn more

First and foremost, BIMSearch is run by actual people, so if you prefer the personal touch feel free to email us and we can explain everything.


Beyond that, check out our help center, featuring:

Step-by-step sign-up guide

Get to know the BIMSearch interface

Learn about selection sets and why they are so useful